《四季》Si Ji, 2013
Artist Statement:
At the beginning, I did not think it would be a book.
I started to learn paper cutting seven years ago. It was just for fun. But during the process, I found my own language.
Like most girls, I like rabbits. So I did a lot of rabbit paper cuttings. At first, it's just a rabbit without any personality. The more I do ,the more the rabbit becomes alive. It becomes to have its own families and its own stories. The image comes first,then the story follows. When I use the paper-cutting to tell the story, I find a way to revisit my childhood.
The bunny is a person living inside of me. It lives in a world which is ideal for me. The natural world preserved very well. The civilization is not overdeveloped. The traditional culture is not destroyed.
There is another possibility for life.
For me the paper cutting is no more a traditional skill. It's become a way to build my own world ,which connects my own technique with an old traditional folk art and connects my own story with a long history culture.
The 8th National Exhibition of Book Design, P.R.China . (2013)