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Yi Yin

phone: 617-253-8865
e-mail: yiyin3 at mit.edu

Center for Theoretical Physics,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
77 Massachusetts Ave, 6-319
Cambridge, MA 02139

About Me

I am excited about studying QCD matter under extreme conditions. My recent research interests include the non-equilibrium dynamics associated with “quench” across the critical point in the QCD phase diagram and novel macroscopic phenomena in chiral media (such as quark-gluon plasma and newly discovered Weyl semimetal) that are induced by the quantum anomaly. A list of my publications can be found at inSPIRES

Currently, I am a Postdoctral Associate in Center for theoretical physics at MIT. Peviously, I spent two fruitful years (Aug. 14-Aug. 16) as a Postdoc in Nuclear Theory Group at Brookhaven National Laboratory (where QCD matter is created experimentally). I received my Ph.D. in May, 2014 from University of Illinois, Chicago. My advisor is Prof. Misha Stephanov . Here is my CV .


Dec. 1st (New!) "Editors' suggestion": My recent paper "Universal Off-Equilibrium Scaling of Critical Cumulants in the QCD Phase Diagram" has been highlighted by the editors as an Editors’ Suggestion in Phys.Rev. Lett. According to the correspondence from the editors, "only about one Letter in six is highlighted as a Suggestion due to its particular importance, innovation, and broad appeal. "

Nov. 1st (New!) "A hat trick in Phys.Rev. Lett": In past six weeks, three of my recent papers (on three different topics and with three different groups of collaborators) have been accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. Lett, one of the most prestigious journals in the field ( For example, it is ranked first among physics and mathematics journals by the Google Scholar five-year h-index ). Many thanks to my collaborators: Dima, Koichi, Raju, Swagato and Yuji!

Oct. 31st (New!) "Quark Matter 17": Six abstracts I co-authored are accepted for oral presentations at Quark Matter 17 (I will present "Kibble-Zurek dynamics near the QCD critical point".) "Quark Matter" is the largest conference in the community and this year less than one third of submitted abstracts are awareded with oral presentations. Congratulations to me and to my collaborators.